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Topic: Privilege of Prayer

We are blessed to be able to commune with our creator. Imagine having a direct connection to the one who made the entire universe and all that’s in it. Pretty amazing, right?

Naysayers talk about how prayer is just a waste of time, that God never talks back to us. Maybe.

Or maybe we don’t do a good job of listening.

One of the biggest keys to prayer is eliminating distractions. That can be difficult to do nowadays when the digital age keeps us focusing on dozens of things at once. Phones, televisions, apps, and any number of other items make prayer more of a bother than a blessing.

Power Behind Prayer

When Christ’s disciples asked him how he was able to do such miracles, He told them that the first key was intense fasting and prayer. As we continue our Bible Study, it’s important to consider these two topics.

Fasting is often thought of as going without food, but it is also a reference to separating yourself from distractions so you can truly focus on the subject of your prayers and the One who listens to them.

The Privilege of Prayer

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