Coming back to the topic of what happens when we die, we must delve deeper into the issue of spiritualism.

The very first lie Lucifer ever told humanity was that we would not die. It was the clinching piece of information that led Adam and Eve into sin.

In truth, that lie has been at the core of almost all sin since the dawn of time. It represents living without consequence, which allows for a hedonistic lifestyle.

As we have covered in another post, God’s Law exists to protect us both from ourselves and from others. It isn’t just a set of rules and regulations. It’s a guide to keep us safer and happier.

By telling humanity that they would never have to face consequences for their actions, Lucifer not only presented a counterfeit to God’s plan, he also opened a world of deception points.

Spiritualism has misled many people throughout history.

King Saul was one who fell prey to it when he went to visit the witch of Endor. She pretended to raise the spirit of Samuel in order to give him guidance.

What he saw was an evil angel in disguise.

This video goes a little further into the question of what happens after death and one of the biggest deceptions to ever hit mankind.

Spiritualism: A Deeper Look

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