bible study for new believers- nutrition

Topic: Nutrition

Not much is often said about nutrition and how it relates to the Bible. It’s time we change that. After all, the Scriptures do talk about how the body is a temple, right?

God wants us to be healthy and happy. And when we are healthy, it makes it a lot easier to be happy.

There are several examples of nutrition in the Bible. One of the biggest that comes to mind is in the story of Daniel and his three friends.

They’d been captured and taken away to Babylon. Since they were scholars, the Babylonian rulers allowed them to attend their schools and learn the ways of their new land.

One thing the four friends demanded was that they be allowed to keep their dietary restrictions instead of eating the food other students were eating.

As a result, the four men were healthier, had more energy, and ended up learning more than all the other students. In this way, they became great servants of God in a land where idol worship was the status quo.

It’s critical for new believers to study what the Bible says about nutrition, too.

This video guide should help. So dive deep into what God says about nutrition and see what you can take out of it.


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