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Topic: Abundance

When we think about what is most important to us in life, health certainly has to be up there in the top three. It’s only natural for us to think about our body.

But what if we are fit and healthy yet our mind is clouded with troubles, worries, doubts, and fears. Maybe you’re depressed, angry, or frustrated with how things are going in your life.

Christ wanted us to have a more abundant life. While many people claim He only referred to eternal life when speaking of abundance, the truth is that Jesus wants us to be happy on this earth too. That comes off as surprising to some.

But why should it be?

Rethinking Our Bible Journey

After all, God created us as His children. Wouldn’t you want your children to be happy?

While the core of Jesus’s message emphasizes the abundance of eternal life that He provides, there is another piece to the puzzle, one that we must not forget. He wants us to be happy and spread that joy to others.

What better witness than to bring happiness to other people? Jesus spent a lot of time doing that during his ministry.

There is a path to a more abundant life. It goes through the path Christ laid out for us.

Watch the video below to begin your new journey.


Bible Study for New Believers | The More Abundant Life

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