The Second Coming of Jesus

One of the most important topics we study in the Bible is the prophecy of Jesus’ second coming. While many people have tried to pinpoint the exact date and time, this is a mistake because the scriptures clearly state that no one will know the day nor the hour. Even with that, there is still much to learn about the second coming of our friend and savior.

The Prophecy of the Second Coming

Predicting Jesus’ second coming is impossible. May have tried and all have failed. One of the key things to remember as we search the scriptures for clues as to when He may return is that Christ Himself said we will not know the day nor the hour.

That means trying to predict when it will happen is an act in futility.

Instead of attempting to figure out when Jesus will return, we should focus on helping others as He did throughout His ministry. We should also focus on making ourselves better, though this is well-accomplished through helping others.

That’s one of the big differences between Christianity and every other religion. Jesus taught bettering the self by helping other people, rather than just focusing within.

This video will teach you more about the second coming and why it’s an uncompromisingly important part of the Christian faith.


Jesus’s Second Coming

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