How to Find Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Life can throw any number of bad experiences our way.

Death, disease, divorce, and any number of other difficulties can test us in ways we never imagined.

King David was one of the best examples of the way life goes.

In Psalms, he goes from jubilant in one chapter to in the throes of despair in the next.

One moment he’s praising God for all the bountiful blessings, the next he is asking why God has abandoned him.

Sound familiar?

David’s life was just like any other human’s.

We have ups and downs, trials and celebrations. Things are going great one moment and then our world is torn apart in the blink of an eye.

Fortunately, we can find peace in the storm.

How to Find Peace in the Midst of Your Storm

Jesus found peace in a literal storm in one of the stories from His mission.

The world was crashing down around He and the disciples. Their little boat was being ripped apart by a savage storm on the Sea of Galilee.

While the disciples panicked, Jesus remained calm, so calm that he had to be woken up.

When His followers roused him, his calm never swayed and he told the stormy seas to be still.

We too can find this calm in any storm life throws our way.

The video below discusses how.


Spiritualism: A Deeper Look

Coming back to the topic of what happens when we die, we must delve deeper into the issue of spiritualism.

The very first lie Lucifer ever told humanity was that we would not die. It was the clinching piece of information that led Adam and Eve into sin.

In truth, that lie has been at the core of almost all sin since the dawn of time. It represents living without consequence, which allows for a hedonistic lifestyle.

As we have covered in another post, God’s Law exists to protect us both from ourselves and from others. It isn’t just a set of rules and regulations. It’s a guide to keep us safer and happier.

By telling humanity that they would never have to face consequences for their actions, Lucifer not only presented a counterfeit to God’s plan, he also opened a world of deception points.

Spiritualism has misled many people throughout history.

King Saul was one who fell prey to it when he went to visit the witch of Endor. She pretended to raise the spirit of Samuel in order to give him guidance.

What he saw was an evil angel in disguise.

This video goes a little further into the question of what happens after death and one of the biggest deceptions to ever hit mankind.

God’s Law

In this video, we talk about some of the principles behind God’s law, and how it should guide our path.

Some people feel like religion is too legalistic, too full of rules and regulations that keep us from doing what we want in life.

Actually, those guidelines are there to keep us happy and to prevent us from engaging in activities that will bring trouble to our doorstep.

It’s not about laws for the sake of laws. Rather, it’s about a lifestyle that is more fulfilling.


God’s Holy Word: The Bible

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Bible Study Topic: God’s Holy Word

The world is full of religions, ancient traditions, and various belief systems. The Bible is one that has stood the test of time. Not only that, it spans an incredible amount of time from the first verse to the last.

Of the many topics in the Bible, getting a better understanding of what’s inside God’s word is paramount. But it’s also important to know that there are many findings throughout history that validate what is contained in scripture.

Dive into this video to learn more about both what is in the Bible and what historians and archaeology has shown us.

Discontent With Now | A Lesson in Mindfulness

It’s easy to be discontented with our lives. Especially when you see how good other people have it.

In our rush to keep up with the Joneses, we forget just how much we have, both here, and awaiting us in eternity.

Whenever we find ourselves feeling less than appreciative about all the incredible blessings God has given us, it can be helpful to take a quick inventory of the things we can be thankful for.

There are thousands upon thousands of blogs and gurus out there trying to tell you to live in the moment.

They aren’t wrong. Maybe sometimes a bit misguided. But not entirely wrong.

Focusing on the moment is fine as long as we remember to live every moment in active appreciation of what God has given us and the things we’ve given ourselves through our God-given talents.

That’s right. You have done amazing things in this life, whether you know it or not. And it’s because of some special ability that God gave you.

So instead of living in discontent, live a life of appreciation. Every chance you get, let yourself feel thankful for even the smallest things in your life. Chances are you are surrounded by more blessings than you ever realized.

The video below talks more about the issue of being Discontent With Now. And will guide you through scripture on this important Bible topic.