The Sinister Compromise

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A Crucial Bible Study

Today, it seems more and more like different religions are standing on two hills. As we continue our search through Bible study topics, we delve into something that could lure both types of people into a trap.

There are those who are anti-name a group, we have radicals murdering innocent people.

And on the other hand, we have groups of people who want to unify, come together, and worship as one.

While the first group certainly has it wrong, the second group is a much more sinister deception. Not always, but let’s take a closer look.

Why Would it Be So Bad?

God wants all of us to come together under His banner. That much is true. He’d love everyone to come together with Him.

It sounds great, doesn’t it?

All Christians uniting under one banner, forgetting our petty differences, letting go of our denominational contradictions, and creating one happy church seems like a wonderful thing.

It could be. If everyone was united in truth.

The problem is, that unification wouldn’t be coming together in pure truth. They would be coming together under something sinister, something that would take away the core of their beliefs and would trample on all the groundwork Martin Luther’s theses laid.

A Sinister Compromise

When many groups come together under one banner, even when they’re doing it in the name of the Bible, things begin to happen, wheels turn, and things start moving that cannot be stopped.

With so many churches represented all over the globe, were they to come together, how many of their core beliefs would they use in the name of unification?

See, on the surface, it seems like a good idea, but this kind of compromise is one of the most fiendish, clever tricks the devil has come up with.

It makes everything seem right and good. When in the end it’s actually stripping away the things that give a church and its people identity.

For better or worse, when you lose something you believe in and accept it as okay, then you have lost a sense of yourself, your beliefs, and your faith.

We must be diligent in watching out for such deceptions.

Continue to study all the topics the Bible lays out so that you will not fall prey to a sinister compromise like this one.

Check Out This Video

This video talks about the compromise in detail, and other ones that have happened in history.

The Privilege of Prayer

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Topic: Privilege of Prayer

We are blessed to be able to commune with our creator. Imagine having a direct connection to the one who made the entire universe and all that’s in it. Pretty amazing, right?

Naysayers talk about how prayer is just a waste of time, that God never talks back to us. Maybe.

Or maybe we don’t do a good job of listening.

One of the biggest keys to prayer is eliminating distractions. That can be difficult to do nowadays when the digital age keeps us focusing on dozens of things at once. Phones, televisions, apps, and any number of other items make prayer more of a bother than a blessing.

Power Behind Prayer

When Christ’s disciples asked him how he was able to do such miracles, He told them that the first key was intense fasting and prayer. As we continue our Bible Study, it’s important to consider these two topics.

Fasting is often thought of as going without food, but it is also a reference to separating yourself from distractions so you can truly focus on the subject of your prayers and the One who listens to them.


bible study for new believers- nutrition

Topic: Nutrition

Not much is often said about nutrition and how it relates to the Bible. It’s time we change that. After all, the Scriptures do talk about how the body is a temple, right?

God wants us to be healthy and happy. And when we are healthy, it makes it a lot easier to be happy.

There are several examples of nutrition in the Bible. One of the biggest that comes to mind is in the story of Daniel and his three friends.

They’d been captured and taken away to Babylon. Since they were scholars, the Babylonian rulers allowed them to attend their schools and learn the ways of their new land.

One thing the four friends demanded was that they be allowed to keep their dietary restrictions instead of eating the food other students were eating.

As a result, the four men were healthier, had more energy, and ended up learning more than all the other students. In this way, they became great servants of God in a land where idol worship was the status quo.

It’s critical for new believers to study what the Bible says about nutrition, too.

This video guide should help. So dive deep into what God says about nutrition and see what you can take out of it.

Bible Study for New Believers | The More Abundant Life

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Topic: Abundance

When we think about what is most important to us in life, health certainly has to be up there in the top three. It’s only natural for us to think about our body.

But what if we are fit and healthy yet our mind is clouded with troubles, worries, doubts, and fears. Maybe you’re depressed, angry, or frustrated with how things are going in your life.

Christ wanted us to have a more abundant life. While many people claim He only referred to eternal life when speaking of abundance, the truth is that Jesus wants us to be happy on this earth too. That comes off as surprising to some.

But why should it be?

Rethinking Our Bible Journey

After all, God created us as His children. Wouldn’t you want your children to be happy?

While the core of Jesus’s message emphasizes the abundance of eternal life that He provides, there is another piece to the puzzle, one that we must not forget. He wants us to be happy and spread that joy to others.

What better witness than to bring happiness to other people? Jesus spent a lot of time doing that during his ministry.

There is a path to a more abundant life. It goes through the path Christ laid out for us.

Watch the video below to begin your new journey.


Jesus’s Second Coming

The Second Coming of Jesus

One of the most important topics we study in the Bible is the prophecy of Jesus’ second coming. While many people have tried to pinpoint the exact date and time, this is a mistake because the scriptures clearly state that no one will know the day nor the hour. Even with that, there is still much to learn about the second coming of our friend and savior.

The Prophecy of the Second Coming

Predicting Jesus’ second coming is impossible. May have tried and all have failed. One of the key things to remember as we search the scriptures for clues as to when He may return is that Christ Himself said we will not know the day nor the hour.

That means trying to predict when it will happen is an act in futility.

Instead of attempting to figure out when Jesus will return, we should focus on helping others as He did throughout His ministry. We should also focus on making ourselves better, though this is well-accomplished through helping others.

That’s one of the big differences between Christianity and every other religion. Jesus taught bettering the self by helping other people, rather than just focusing within.

This video will teach you more about the second coming and why it’s an uncompromisingly important part of the Christian faith.


Daniel 7 Interpretation

bible study topics guide daniel 7

Topic: The Interpretation of Daniel 7

This lesson continues our study of Bible prophecy to deepen your understanding of the connection between what was predicted in the past, what has come to pass, and what is yet to come.

The interpretation of Daniel 7 is a tricky thing for many people. It can be confusing, much like being stuck in a maze.

This lesson aims to clear up the confusion and present a simple way to understand what we believe is the correct Daniel 7 interpretation.

Different Interpretations

Of course, everyone thinks their version is right. So you might want to do a little research on your own. But always remember to make sure things line up with other scripture.

If you find things contradicting themselves, then there has been a break in the line and that usually comes with an individual’s interpretation.

The Book of Daniel is full of all kinds of fascinating details. We suggest reading along with your Bible as you watch the video below.

Enjoy the video and as always, feel free to reach out to us for materials if you’d like.


God’s Ultimate Plan

This video will teach you more about the plan of salvation and what God has in store for us.

We’ve said it before. God had a backup plan for creation. Why wouldn’t He?

Any good parent wants to make sure their kid is taken care of and that means putting in failsafes just in case.

God didn’t want sin to happen but He also knew it could. That’s why he had the ultimate plan in place to make sure His children were taken care of.

God’s Special Help

God knew that we would need help after Jesus left. That’s why He sent the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is a part of the Trinity that is wrapped in mystery. It is the silent partner, as it were.

Not much is known about the Holy Spirit as far as the part it plays in God’s universe. However, much can be known about its role with humanity.

Just before Christ left this world, he promised to send a comforter, someone who would strengthen us in our most desperate times of need.

This video goes deeper into our understanding of the Holy Spirit.