This site is a non-profit program that has served as a Bible study guide for new believers, covering a wide range topics for 18 years and is designed to help you in a thorough, systematic program to make learning and understanding easy. You can view the video lessons on this website in the video link to the right. Or you can order free DVDs, CDs, or written Bible lessons, which include supplemental materials.

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There are hours of content covering a huge variety of study topics from the Bible. Many of them help shed light on some of life’s more difficult questions such as, “What happens when you die?” 

If you’ve ever asked yourself or someone else that question, you need to check out our videos on the subject of spiritualism. They go into detail about what really happens when we die and cite several scriptural sources as proof.

Others will guide you through the often confusing topic of understanding Bible prophecy. Interpreting future events or even events that were predicted that have already come to pass, can be tricky. With so many different interpretations out there, it’s hard to know which one is right. Or is only one right? Our videos on getting a better understanding of Biblical prophecy will guide you to your own conclusions based on scriptural consistencies.

Have questions about God’s law? We’ve got you covered with lessons that cover that subject.

The Current Religious Landscape

The world is full of people who are preaching abundance in this life. And while we believe eternal life is more important, the topic of abundance is worth addressing. In fact, we have a video specifically on the subject.

Now more than ever we are faced with questions in regards to spirituality. That’s why we’re here.

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